with Chicken

SCHMACKOS™ STRAPZ™ treats are baked then air dried to seal in the delicious flavour of real chicken.

Available in 200g and 500g pack sizes.

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- Liver Flavour.
- 95% Fat Free.
- Real Meat Recipe.
- Australian Made.

Meat from beef,lamb and/or sheep, poultry (including chicken); vegetable protein; sucrose; cereal protein; humectant; salt (sodium chloride and/or potassium chloride); colours; preservatives; antioxidants.

Suitable for Puppies over 6 months of age, Adult & Senior Dogs.
This product is intended for occasional or supplemental feeding only.

Adult Dog Weight
5 kg
10 kg
25 kg
40 kg
Up to 1
Up to 2
Up to 3
Up to 5

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