with Beef

SCHMACKOS™ CHOMP 'N' CHEW™ treat is a long lasting rawhide treat filled with a delicious meaty centre.

Available in 60g pack size.

Where to Buy

- Long Lasting Large Rawhide.
- Australian Made.

Beef rawhide; beef; wholemeal wheat flour; soy grits; dextrose; humectant; flavours; salt; maltodextrin; sugar; preservative; colours; vegetable powders; mineral salt; canola oil; xanthan gum; antioxidants.

Not suitable for young puppies under 6 months of age.
As with any long lasting product, supervise your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed.
You can feed your dog delicious SCHMACKOS products as a treat or a reward.
Feed them whole and always make sure there is fresh drinking water available.
This product is intended for occasional or supplemental feeding only.

Adult Dog Weight
15 kg
25 kg
40 kg
Chews / Week
Up to 1
Up to 2
Up to 4

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